General Rules

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General Rules

General Rules click here to download and print

1. General
A. Objective:
ECPRA main objective is to entertain the fans with a quality show while upholding safety as our main priority. This is achieved by providing a means for affordable VW racing.
B. Competitor Dues:
$100.00/yr; Membership expires Dec. 31.
Required to race in any ECPRA class.
Dues may be waived for new racers for a single race but those racers are not ECPRA members until those dues are paid and therefore will not be eligible for setting an ECPRA record or gaining championship points until they are in fact a paid member. If dues are not paid prior to a run, that run is not eligible for ECPRA record status because the driver was not yet a paid member. Competitors who have a reasonable likelihood of breaking an ECPRA speed or ET record are STRONGLY encouraged to pay dues before the beginning of any ECPRA sanctioned event.
In the event that a new racer wins their first ECPRA race, they will be become an ECPRA member and their membership dues will be deducted from any winnings for that event. (This is because winning a race has a significant impact on the points race and the new racer must be included in the points totals in order to keep it fair for everyone involved.)
C. Entry Fees:
$125.00 for Pro Stock
$50.00 for Pro Mod
D. Final Authority:
Track officials have the last word.
E. Ladder:
Points events will be based on a 16 car elimination ladder. Car ladder will be determined by ECPRA Officials using a standard bye run minimizing ladder. (click here to view) All eligible cars will be permitted to race regardless of ladder size.
F. Race:
Races are 1/8 or 1/4 mile depending on event and racing venue.
G. Break Rule:
Refer to NHRA / IHRA Rule Book
H. Deep Staging:
I. Appearance:
Cars should be painted and presentable
ECPRA decal preferred on both sides of car
Series Sponsor decals displayed on both sides of car
Decals of Contingency, Long Deal of your choice displayed on both sides of race car

J. Automatic Starting:
Auto start will be used at tracks that offer it.
K. General Conduct:
Competitors and their crews must display good sportsmanship at all times during events as well as when communicating in public forums and social media. Behavior or comments found to be degrading to the organization, other race teams, drivers, sponsors, or the VW racing and show community as a whole will be strictly prohibited. Violators will face a minimum 20 point deduction along with penalties up to and including season long suspension based on the severity of the offense.
Members are prohibited from soliciting, airing complaints or otherwise contacting ECPRA Sponsors for any reason other than acknowledgement and thanks for their sponsorship. Members are prohibited from contacting race promoters to schedule race events or make any representations on behalf of the ECPRA. Any such actions will result in suspension from ECPRA events for a minimum of 1 year.
L. Working Outside of Pits:
Performing work on cars in the staging lanes or return lanes is not permitted. For the safety of both racers and spectators, working on vehicles should be confined to the pit area.
M. Certification and Licensing:
All drivers are required to be NHRA licensed. All cars running 6.39 or faster 1/8th mile ET are required to be NHRA certified. Cars making their first pass at these speeds will be allowed to run for that event (subject to approval of track officials), but must have proper certification to before the next event.
N. Fluid Retention Device:
All competitors starting with the 2013 season must have a oil/fluid retention device installed on their car. This device must contain any oil or fluids and prevent leakage of those fluids onto the racing surface. Racers will not be able to run at any ECPRA event without the device installed.

2. Qualifying
A. Sessions:
There will be no more than 3 rounds of qualifications allowed per class at a single race. Competitors must make a qualifying pass during at least one session to be eligible for elimination rounds.
There will be a maximum time limit between rounds of 45 minutes, unless track conditions or adjustment of race schedule by track officials extends the time between rounds.
B. Staging:
Must fully stage to be a qualifying pass.
C. Pairing:
Teams must alternate lanes during qualifying.
D. Run Positions:
Low qualifier has choice of run position (i.e. 1st pairing out, etc..).
Low ET winner from previous round has choice of lane
3. Member Benefits (Competitor)
A. General:
One that has paid the annual dues is an active competitor.
Membership runs from January 1st thru December 31st.
B. Benefits may include:
Right to compete at ECPRA events
ECPRA monthly newsletter (News & Views)
Special lodging rates
Various Discounts (Long Deal, Jobber, etc…)
Competitor Membership ID card
Color Poster Calendars
2 Vinyl Graphic Decals

Any of the above privileges may be revoked if abused
4. General Members (Team ECPRA)
A. Scope:
Designed to stay in touch with crews, fans, supporters
$50/year (12 full calendar months)
B. Benefits:
Subscription to ECPRA News & Views
ECPRA T-shirt
ID Card
Reduced lodging rates
Various product/service discounts

5. Officers & Elections
A. General:
The following positions are voted upon 4 year terms:
1. President:
Responsible for overall organization
Negotiate race schedule and money
Call meetings (Officers & Drivers)
Arrange lodging discounts
Draw up agendas
2. Vice President:
Represent ECPRA at special events
Educate newcomers ECPRA’s Benefits and Bylaws
Coordinate with track announcer
Write and mail press releases (usually monthly)
Contact local newspaper and radio stations prior to events
3. Administrator / Tech:
Keeps track of qualifying and eliminations
Notify competitors of lanes, times & pairing
Verify all entries for contingencies
(Tech is the responsibility of the racetrack)
4. Sponsor Coordinator:
Contact current and potential sponsors
Assist Race Director in verification at track
Collect points fund donations from sponsors
Will handle a limited number of sponsors
B. Terms:
All terms begin January 1st and end December 31st
C. Nomination:
Nominations will be done during the month of November.
Phone/mail nomination accepted.
An office can be held by any person (i.e. members only).
D. Voting
Must be competitor or active officer to vote.
Ballots will be incorporated in the annual surveys.
Results will be announced at the end of season Awards.
6.Rain Outs A. There will be no make up for a rain out event(rain out is a rain out)

Any questions about these rules should be referred to Gene Collier (President)

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